Region and village

Whether wellness, viniculture, Valais traditions or modern architecture:
The region around Leukerbad has quite a variety of things to do and to see. Take the time to discover the gems of this region: you will be surprised!

History in Leukerbad

Until recently it was generally believed that the discovery of Leukerbad's medicinal springs and the settlement of the areas dated back merely to the 13th century.

However, this assumption was refuted not long ago, as a significant number of archeological finds was made at various sites in the Dala valley. This served to prove that Leukerbad and the region around the medicinal springs had already been populated in Roman-Helvetian times, at the latest in the 2nd century AD.

Leukerbad was already settled in Roman-Helvetian times. This is supported by numerous finds dating back to the Ancient World. Leukerbad is first mentioned in historical records under the name of "Boez" in 1229.